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Badgy 100


Badgy 100: Print Single cards on demand

The Badgy 100 printer is ideally suited to your single printing needs and is perfect for limited budgets.

What is more, its printing speed means that you can create a personalized card in less than a minute.

Choose the Badgy100 range for :
One-off card printing needs
Printing personalized badges on demand
Printing badges with a white margin

badgy 100 sample card

With Badgy 100, you have everything you need to instantly print professional quality badges yourself.

The Badgy card printer lets you create: Event badges, Business cards, Visitor badges,
Access badges, Staff ID badges, Loyalty cards.

Staff ID Badge: Give personalized badges to your employees: name,
photo... Even on their first day! Your employees feel valued and you enhance your brand image.

Visitor Badge: With Badgy card printer produce individual badges with professional print quality.
Welcome your visitors by giving thempersonalized visitors badges in your company colors.
Identify them at a glance and increase your in-house security.

Event Badge:For seminars or any business events, Badgy allows you to print personal ID badges
in advance and/or on demand.Get ready to welcome your participants likeprofessionals!

Business Card:Don't waste your money!Badgy can also be used to print business cardsfor
your employees!Update and print them when needed. The end of obsolete business cards.

Sample Card by market applications

Product Specification:
Printing Speed: 45 seconds per card
Detachable feeder with a capacity of 25 cards
Slide-out hopper with a capacity of 25 cards
Resolution: 300 dpi
Print modes: Color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer

The Badgy100 package includes:
A Badgy 100 plastic-card printer by Evolis
50 blank white PVC cards
A color ribbon with a 50-print capacity
Evolis Badge Studio software, standard version*
A library of personalizable badge designs available to download free of charge
A wide range of designs for every business sector:

Employee badge design
Loyalty card design
School ID card design
Membership card design
*Evolis Badge Studio will help youcreate the badge you want
Createand customize your badge step by step... in a matter of minutes!
Create your badge from start to finish by following the instructions step by step or
Customize free existing models.
You'll find models for a variety of sectors included in the software or available for
free download on our website. Change them as much as you want or create
your own badge from a blank document.

Evolis Badge Studio Plus


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